About Us

We are a Private Equity, Asset Management, and Investment Company targeted at growing wealth by providing financing and expertise to businesses.

We deliver our services using the best in-house and external experts in the country and the region. We help you invest to build long-term savings, support the growth of businesses, and facilitate wealth creation. Our primary focus is Equities. 

We aim to consistently position our clients to maximize opportunities to grow their wealth through the diverse product range we have and the quality of our expert services in Investing and Financial Advisory as well as the restructuring and transformation of businesses. Maintaining the confidence of our clients and building strong relationships underpins our work.


Our Shareholders and Directors have extensive experience in Investment, Financial Markets, Enterprise Risk Management, and Portfolio Management. Our key Directors are experienced passionate persons in their respective fields of expertise.


To deliver innovative and diversified Private Equity, Financial, and Asset Management services to individuals and corporations with a focus on sustainable and long-term growth


  • Grow the wealth of our clients through investments and long-term returns. 
  • Support business and economic growth as a one-stop shop value addition service provider.
  • Invest in our people, ideas, value chains, and technology by delivering the highest quality investment products and expertise.

Our Values

Our values are drawn from our need to be relevant and responsive to the needs of those whose assets we manage and the businesses we support.

It drives our desire to provide solutions
We seek to be relevant to our clients’ needs
We uphold the highest professional standards
We uphold the highest professional standards
We are who we say we are