Our Target Clients

As a dynamic organization, we target wealth creators and those seeking to grow their wealth through innovative investment services and products.

We Work With:

Individuals and corporates with funds available for Private Equity investment opportunities
Enterprises seeking financing for Working Capital support, recapitalization and growth
Individuals, Pension or Mutual funds seeking Asset or Fund Management services for long term investments in money and capital markets as well as investment in Equities or Securities
Investor proxy services for clients seeking confidentiality or for purposes of limiting/mitigating investment risks.
Corporations seeking expertise in Balance Sheet and Institutional Restructuring with a focus on growth and diversification
Corporates seeking external Treasury Management function and investment advisory services
Corporates seeking independent enterprise risk management, assessments and assurances
Corporations seeking mergers or acquisitions of businesses
Organizations looking for advisory services in Governance, Strategy, Compliance and Project Management.
Individuals or corporations seeking business Project Proposal, Project Design and Project Coordination services
Individuals or corporates seeking intermediary investment and financial services